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hye everyone...! how was your day..?
thanks for review my blog again..

Since examis just around a corner....so, Dr Jamaluddin has prepared for us some examination tips..some of them are scenario problem involving the printing size. So, lets review the question and discuss here.


A print shop/graphics designer/magazine asks a client for a photo at 300 dpi. They wish to print it out at 5" x 7".The client already has a beautiful digital photo with pixel dimensions of 2048 x 1536.The client notices that the photo editing software is showing that the photo is set to 72 dpi. In your opinion, what should the client do…?


its quit difficult to understand this question rite? so,lets draw some diagram to make our work even easier..

 Orait, now, we know the formula to change from picxel to inch rite? so, use it. Focus on the original size first.

orait...now, lets refresh..we know the formula to change from pixel to inch rite?
 it is (pixel)/(dpi)=(inch) now.lets focus on the screen image first.

(2048)/(300)= 6.82inch


okay..if we look at the calculation, (6.82x5.129)inch is the best print size for image (2048x1536)pixel where the quality for the picture will not downgraded.
But, the problem is, the customer want to have printed image for 5''x7'' which is will make the quality downgraded. The resolution for the image will be not as good as if it is printed with the calculated size.

so....what we can do is, we have to change the suitable pixel size so that we can get 5''x7''.

okay..lets the pixel be x.

            x=5'' x 300
            x= 1500px

           x = 7''x300
           x = 2100px

hence, the ideal screen size to print 5''x7'' is (1500x2100) pixel.
the image size can be change by click on the :

 image> image size> change the size.

other than the calculation, we can solve this problem by interpolation and resample.

Just to share with you guys what dr J has inform us about the examination paper. There will be 2 section which is section A and section B. We have to answer all question on section A while in section B we have to answer 2 question. Look at the marks. if the marks are higher. we have to answer the question together with the explaination and example.

Looking forward for the final exam..
till we meet next time...
Goodluck guys  ..


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