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this week one of my team member was presenting about one of tools that very useful for editing process. there are altogether 3 tols which is healing brush tools, patch tools and red eye tools.
each of these item contain its own benefit.

1) healing brush tools:
you can remove unwanted buzz on your face or picture by using a healing brush. First of all, click on the healing brush tool> alt, picture desire area> color unwanted area.
For this, you have to use a brush to color. the selection of your brush size was determined by your manipulated area.
2)Patch tool
The function of patch tools are the same as the healing brush tool but you don't have to color using a brush. You just have to follow the shape that you want to change and then drag into the area that you want.
3) red eye tool
obviously from its name. it is applicable for the red eye. Sometime when taking a picture at night, the eye look red. scary right?! and plus, its such a waste and frustrated. but. don't worry. we have this tool. just select red eye tool> clock on the red eye.

we also learn bout the clone stamp. healing spot brush make your selective picture blended with the surrounding color so, the image will become less attractive .but, clone can be the alternative where you can get the copy exactly like what you desire but still, you have to put the selective image on the right place.
 enjoy your photoshop...=)
till next time..


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