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Hi everyone…! How was your day? ;) Hmm no matter how challenging your day, face it with love orait.
Have you practiced the Photoshop skill that we have learnt last week…? (Actually, I’m the one who taught you last week, hope you still remember me...(^_^))
We have learnt about combining image and special effects. Let’s refresh on what we have learnt before.  
-To combine images, you need to have at least, 2 pictures.  First, create a blank canvas with your preferable size (file>new).for this canvas, I’ll color it to green so that you can classify the window.

-After that, open new file and choose any picture that you was want to use. (File>open)

(Choose picture> open)

-Okay, this time, we are going to use picture that we have choose. Follow this step. (magic wand tool>Click the area that you don’t want

(Select> inverse> click ok) .after that drag the photo to the canvas that we make before and click Ctrl at the same time.
The picture will look like below.

So, now, you can start make a combination using your creativity. I make a new one. hee
from two picture:

this is the product. 

Now, let’s ass up some effect on out images. But first, I’ll introduce to you, where we can have an effect.first on filter and on layer button.

Now, lets try make some effect on the canvas.
I’m going to make a text and add up some effect. First, click icon “T” and make a word. And then highlight the word. Follow this: (layer>layer style> choose any effect you prefer) I’m going to choose stroke as my effect.

You may try other effect you want. ;)
Let’s try other effect. For example blur effect.
For example, you want to make the clock look blur at it’s edge.
First, click on the clock layer. then, choose an effect.(filter>blur>radial blur>ok)

Adjust the blur width.then click ok.

This will be the product.


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