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hi everyone, it's been a while since last post that i just upload..
Actually, i've been done this assignment (an experiment) on bulb setting long time ago (not really long)haha

Okay, this is my team...that help me a lot on this assignment. we do this together since this experiment cannot do alone.... from left is mad, faizah, me and kak efa.....

There are lot of effect we can get from bulb setting, these are some of the picture from the experiment.For the picture below, you have to set the bulb setting on the camera and then stand in front of the camera. you can pose anyting you like, and let your friend follow the shape of your body by using a any source of light. The level of exposure of your  light will effect your product. After your friend finish, open the flash an direct it on you. STOP THE BULB SETTING. The product will be like below.

Now, you can make different effect. All you need are matches and "berus periuk halus". You have to set the bulb setting and make any shape you want after lightning your "berus periuk halus". haha sorry..i don't know what does it called in English ;p After that, close the bulb setting. Here are the product.

 Actually, there are many product you can do with bulb setting...it's just your creativity determine how your picture would look like.


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