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Hi everyone!
Today we had a very great presentation that attracted my attention which is all about image composition.
There are three parts which are:
(i) Introduction of image composition
(ii) Pattern, line and cut off
(iii) Shooting technique.

So, to make it simple let us go roughly on all of these three parts.

Some of the element in image composition are:
-Simplicity / center of interest
-Balancing image
-Rule of Third 
this technique are to make the picture even lively. So it doesn't look too static...hee

-Breaking the rule
hmm..breaking the rule, to make the picture even better...

Other than that, pattern, line and cut off are very important in developing a good picture composition. If we know how to manipulate the surrounding and make use of the line, pattern or any other elements of photography, the picture will look more awesome than professional photographer. Amazing right?! Here are some pictures that show the use of these techniques:



1. high angle : The angle come from subject, not from photographer. The face will look big while the body will look small..

2.low angle : low angle from subject. In this technique,the bottom will look big while the top will look small.

3. Eye level / normal angle
Just like the normal position of taking picture. For this picture, you will look the object just like it is in front of you.. Look at the cat below, cute right?

4. Panning
This technique are suitable if you want to take a moving object but you want to make it static. The picture will look like if the object are static while the background are moving. You can see the image look like it is moving . Just like the picture below.

5. Silhoute
Have you seen any picture where the background look brighter than its object? This kind of images were shot using this technique. You can see the object will look like shadow.

6.Zoom in and zoom out.
For this effect we have to use bulb setting.

7. Creative lighting system.
We will need to use flash as a slave. It is either flash and flash or flash with natural light such as sun (IF THE BACHGROUND IS LIGHT WITH SUN, WE HAVE TO PUT THE FLASH INFRONT OF THE MODEL SO THAT WE CAN STILL SEE THE MODEL ).

8. Reflection
I guess you know how this technique are used right? Yeah! it is use if there is a reflection medium such as water. Your image will look like there are two dimention of space. Look at the picture below:

9. Panorama.
It's such a waste if we have a very beautiful panorama but we can only take just apart of it, right? This technique enable us to take a wide angle view of the panorama. That's why we call it panorama. Haha. Here is a sample of panorama:

To make it even creative and more attractive, we can also combine two techniques such as panorama and reflection. It is depend on how your surrounding is. Look at the picture below.
I bet all of you already know how to use the techniques and skills to take a picture. Remember, the only thing that limit a photograph is yourself, the photographer. So, lets try to be more creative and use anything around us to make our photographs more lively! ( I'm still trying, actually..haha)

Until next time!
Good luck for Photography competition....
Have a nice mid-term holiday ;)


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