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Hi everyone! (^_^)
how are you doing today,
So, this week we are having the first presentation from one group.
Today’s preseantations are all about the DSLR, Visual modification and DC Advantages. I’ll reflect all of these three topic but first, let’s talking about DSLR. DSLR also known as digital single lens reflecx and can be categorize as digital camera. From the presentation, it is know that, the digital camera has about 8 advantages and 4 disadvantages.

The advantages are ;
-eliminates film processing
-massive photo storage
-operating speed
-editing and sharing option
-preview of image
-video recording and,
-environment friendly 

While the disadvantages are:
-storage capacity
-battery consumption

What make digital camera different from the normal camera are it has a storage device. However, the storage for the storage device are depent on it’s type. There are two type of storage devise which is:

-traditional :film both record and storage image
-digital : separate device perform to 2 function, first image capture by the image sensor and then transfer to in-camera storage devices.

Usually, storage device are used depends on the camera compatibility and function. There are lot of storage device such as:

-compact flash
-secure digital( SD Card,over half of camera model use this card)
-multi media(MMC, usually for pocket camera)
-memory stick (for sony product only)
-Hard drives
-1time used flash

Orait now, lets proceed to the visual modification. Usually, people tend to think that we only can make an editing only by using certain software such as photoshop. But, hey….we’re wrong babe…! Haha we also can edit by using a camera….but certain type of camera, of course..!  ;)

How is it possible?
Okay…there are three thing that we can do, which is
-adjusting the brightness
-correcting an image


2)TRIMMING:some camera are not suitable for long range capture. Hence. Tripping is the best way to get the picture that we desire.

here are the step.

 3)CORRECTING IMAGE: teo way which is repairing and copy stamp.
(i) repairing: remove unwanted spot.

(ii) copy Stamp


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