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Hi everyone! (^_^)
i'm really excited because the meeting was conducted at photography studios. Lighting studio are the major discussion on this meeting. Can you imagine how lighting studio look like? yeah! its like a modelling photography studio. Here are some picture of lighting studio. ;)

Usually in lightning studios, the most important thing that must have was soft box, flash and back drop. Interestingly, we can have a close look of lightning studio in this photography studio. Awesome right? (^_^)

We’re first introduced with the function of flash, and some of the technique that can be used by flash. Generally speaking, expensive flash is better than the cheaper one. Higher- end product usually comprises wide range of functions which help photographer to compose their picture better as compared to lower-end product which only serve basic functions. For examples, the expensive flash can rotate 360 degree rotation while the rotation of cheapest flash are limited. This will make the photographer possible to do bound technique that can prevent the shadow from appear on the picture. The figure of bound technique are as below:

From the figure above, we can see that different technique of bounce flash give different view of shadow. According to Mr. Fuad, the professional photographer of UTM, the lesser the shadow, the better the quality of the picture.

We can either put the flash on the camera or off the flash from the camera. Interestingly, multiple number of flash can operate at the same time by controlling the master flash. But, this can be applied only to the creative lightning system.

Creative lightning system can only be applied on the camera and flash in the red circle but not for D-TTL. 


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