Reflection week 5

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This week, we have 2 group presentation.

Our main topic for this week are studio photography. The meeting was first held on the photography studio. En.Fuad has teach us how to do studio photography using Hasselblad and monitor the process using a software on the computer. Hasselblad is a professional camera that was usually use in the studio but still it can be use outside of the studio..;)

 We need a tripod to hold this camera since it is quiet heavy while holding this camera will affect the quality of the picture.
Okey, for your infomation, this camera are very expensive. hehe this is the camera:

first of all, we need to find the range of the lense to the image and then adjust on the hasselblad. After that, we can either take the picture by pressing the button on the camera or on the monitor. 


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