reflection for week 1

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Reflection for week 1

Hi everyone,  ^_^
so, this is my first reflection for week 1.
I'm not so good in English but i think English can make my writing even easier. So hope, you guys can understand my words even there will be lots of grammatical errors.. (^_^)V

As we all know,visual is one of the important element that can be used to facilitate student's learning. Visual can attract people attention and hence improve the learning process of the student if it is produce in a proper way.

Visual Technology Production is one of the best course to enable us gain knowledge about visual production from the very basic. In the first meeting , it was told that we are going to learn about photography and visual editing.

The lecture is conducted every Thursday from 4pm to 7pm. There are also a presentation by different group for every week. The title for the presentation have been divided on this first meeting. I think, this kind of activity enable me to acquire skill in communication and it's quite interesting to listen to others because different person might have different approaches and idea.

Other than learning theories in the class, student will also learn and practice their skills in the studio  with the supportive equipment such as SLR, D-SLR, Soft Box and many more. This enable student to have a meaningful learning.

Interestingly, there will be a field activity in which students are given a chance to do a task while having a trip to Melaka. We have to use all of the techniques and skills that we learnt in photography class and take as much beautiful pictures as we want. Interesting right? ;) I think, this class will be enjoyable and fun because i can learn different things and i can develop more skill and acquire more knowledge.

i'm looking forward for the next class...


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